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Solid Fuel

High Temperature Grease, Anti Rust Oil, Drawing Oils and Fluids, engine Oils

Sep 24, 2015 |
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SMK Petro High Performance, High Temperature Bearing Grease. Industrial high temperature grease choices including high temperature applications. A highly-specialized high temperature grease that has ... Read more

Self Regulating Heating Cables

Nov 10, 2016 |
Process Temperature Maintenance BSX self-regulating heating cables are designed to provide freeze protection or process temperature maintenance to metallic and nonmetallic piping, tanks and equipment. ... Read more

Omni Energy Consultants

Feb 8, 2018 |
Omni energy consultants is a strategic distribution company in Cape Town, specialising in providing high-quality energy-efficient fuels and related products to its customers. The company conducts ... Read more